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As you read this just stop for a second, take a deep breath, and ask yourself how are you feeling right now?

You may be reading this because something is not quite right in your life. You may be expressing anger and other feelings in an unhealthy way which is affecting your family or work life. You may be feeling stressed and it’s having a negative effect on your health. Approaching subjects like emotions in particular anger and stress can seem daunting as they are mostly seen as negative, and the feeling of where do I start can be overwhelming.

Emotional solutions can help, firstly by offering a free 30 minute initial consultation. This can be either be in-person, online or over the telephone.

You have made the first big step in reading this page and my initial consultation is informal, confidential and not designed for a hard sell. It is a space for you to talk about your situation and for me to answer any questions you may have regarding my work, so you can make an informed decision about your future.

How We Work

Individuals’ relationship with anger and stress and their difficulty in living with it and expressing it appropriately is normally the reason people look for emotional management, but our courses go beyond this.


Subjects like anger and stress can seem overwhelming and can affect all areas of our lives, so our courses are delivered in a way that breaks down big subjects into its simplest form using a variety of theories and techniques, and delivered in an experiential way. This ensures you create your own course within the structure of our material allowing you to absorb the information, empowering you to develop a greater understanding of all your emotions, and giving you techniques to express them in healthy and constructive ways.


All our courses are run in a clean, relaxed, and informal way in an environment that is free from blame or shame. Our primary 1:1 course is delivered in 1 hours sessions, once a week over 10 weeks, and includes a comprehensive workbook and if required a certificate of attendance.

Areas covered in our programs:

  • Understanding emotional triggers

  • Understanding stress and how to effectively manage it

  • Understanding self-esteem and how to effectively manage it

  • Understanding emotional needs and how to get them met

  • Healthy and toxic shame

  • Expressing feelings cleanly

  • Understanding unhealthy coping mechanisms

  • Understanding positive/negative behaviours

  • Managing challenging individuals/situations

  • Understanding effective Communication

  • Develop Active listening skills

  • Healthy and unhealthy Anger styles

  • The 6 rules of Emotional Management

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